Clean Flexible Reliable

PZEM produces a mix of gas, wind, sun and nuclear energy.  This optimal mix emits a minimal amount of CO2 during electricity generation.

Our Asset Production Portfolio

PZEM limits CO2 emissions to approximately 100 to 150 grams per kWh because more than 40% of our production is generated from sustainable sources.  The national average in The Netherlands is above 500 grams per kWh. We are competitive, varied and extremely reliable.  When the wind stops blowing or the sun is not shining, we easily turn to the clean, modern and flexible Sloe Gas Power Plant to keep the energy flowing.  Through various gas storage and transport contracts, we ensure optimal supply and availability of gas for our plants and customers.

PZEM also purchases sustainable electricity from a number of large and small wind farms through long-term purchase contracts.  

Sources of PZEM Energy

Where does PZEM source energy for business?

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