BMC Moerdijk

Turning poultry manure into green electricity

BMC Moerdijk is the only power plant in Europe that converts poultry manure into green electricity.

How it works

Poultry manure is burned.  Energy is released as heat.  Heat is converted into steam.  Steam feeds a turbine that drives the generator and the generator produces green electricity.

Operating with the necessary subsidies in place, BMC Moerdijk provides a solution for processing poultry manure in The Netherlands.  BMC Moerdijk produces electricity in a sustainable manner by burning poultry manure and we also ensure that the minerals from fertilizers are reused. 


Biomass Research CE Delft (2017)

At the request of BMC Moerdijk, the independent research and consultancy group, CE Delft charted the environmental effects of 9 different ways in which poultry manure - from the chicken to the field - can be used.  CE Delft focused on organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and the ways in which poultry manure is processed and its effects on the environment were mapped.

CE Delft compared the effects of large-scale thermal conversion, such as BMC Moerdijk, with other ways in which this manure can be processed.  Their research concluded that burning poultry manure to produce electricity is the most attractive from an environmental perspective.

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