EPZ Nuclear Power Plant

Always safe, clean, and technically up to date

Since 1973 the EPZ Nuclear Power Plant has been safely in operation. More than 40 years of continuous upgrades to be in line with the latest technical developments in the field of nuclear clean energy, means EPZ belongs to the 25 percent safest nuclear power plants in the Western world.

The design of the plant, regular maintenance and a strong emphasis on ensuring all safety measures are met means that the EPZ is ready and able to supply clean energy until 2034.


How it works

A nuclear power plant splits uranium atoms in a reactor and produces heat.  The heat is used to produce steam that drives a turbine that generates electricity.  The heat reaction and the steam electricity are produced in completely separate areas of the plant.

The fuel is delivered once a year and placed in the reactor.  This happens during the fuel change period.  During this period about 25% of the fuel in the reactor is changed.

The nuclear power plant has a net capacity of 485 MW, enough electricity for around one million households.


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