The Sloe Gas Power Plant

A clean, modern and flexible gas fired power plant

Officially opened in 2010, The Sloe Gas Power Plant is jointly owned by PZEM and EDF (Electricite de France).  It consists of two identical units that each generate 435 MW and is 59% efficient.

Gas Fired Power Plant

Electricity is generated in a combined cycle.  Gas is burned in a gas turbine where electric power is produced in the generator.  The hot gas exhaust is put in a boiler for steam production.  This steam is eventually led through a steam turbine providing extra power and efficiency.

By placing the gas turbine, generator and steam turbine on a single axis, the plant can be used very flexibly. The power can be quickly adjusted up and down and even completely shut down, after which it can be brought back to full power from standstill in about 30 minutes.

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