Wind Energy

Power Purchase Agreements

PZEM chooses to provide a responsible mix of different energy sources.  In addition to generating conventional power with its own power stations, PZEM buys sustainable electricity from large and small wind farms via long-term purchase contracts.


PPA stands for Power Purchase Agreement which is an important, long-term contract between PZEM and wind farms.  PZEM guarantees the purchase of renewable energy and balancing of irregular production output, due to natural causes, of the wind farm via the PPA.  Our strong portfolio of PPAs means that PZEM is knowledgeable, experienced and a reliable supplier of balanced wind energy.  


Wind Park Gemini

PZEM has an important and extensive PPA with Wind Park Gemini.  We are the exclusive offtaker of electricity generated at Gemini and the green certificates.  Situated in the part of the North Sea belonging to The Netherlands with a total capacity of 600 MegaWatt, Gemini is one of the largest wind farms in the world.  In an average wind year, these turbines produce more than 2.5 TWh of electricity.  This is enough to provide 785,000 households with 100% green electricity.  Gemini accounts for 2.5% of the total electricity production in The Netherlands.

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