The trading platform of Saxo Bank that provides transparency and real-time access to trade in energy


SaxoEnergy is suitable for everyone who deals with purchasing and/or selling of energy for a company. Because energy prices fluctuate heavily in a volatile market, smart companies use SaxoTraderGo, the online trading platform from Saxo Bank, to hedge their energy exposure. Your company still needs a physical contract for the actual delivery of energy.



What is SaxoEnergy

Through SaxoTraderGO, a single environment to execute and manage risk of all Global Markets, Saxo Energy offers real time access to wholesale energy market prices including historical charts.


What is an Energy CFD?

Use Saxo Bank’s Energy CFDs (contract for difference) to hedge your energy exposure. The Energy CFD’s are derivatives 1-on-1 based on the underlying power and gas futures in the wholesale market. With a CFD you take solely a financial (non-physical) long or short position.


*SaxoEnergy and SaxoTraderGO are part of Saxo Bank and are not part of PZEM.



Why SaxoEnergy

With SaxoTraderGo * you have access to the energy wholesale market assisting you to determine your strategic purchasing/selling and controlling your energy risk


Your advantage:

  • Fully integrated trading and risk management platform to hedge (energy) exposure
  • Direct access to the wholesale market
  • Real-time energy prices for power and gas
  • Best price execution with Saxo Bank
  • Supplier independent
  • No restrictions on volume, buy back


How does it work?

1. You get access to the wholesale market.

2. You decide when to fix your price.

3. Your energy supplier only offers you a contract for physical delivery.


For information about the products and services of PZEM, please contact us at 088 1346 000.  We will gladly help you further and provide you with a physical contract for your energy supply. 

Role of PZEM

PZEM Energy has a cooperation agreement with Saxo Bank and provides liquidity on the trading platform of Saxo Bank as a market maker.


Saxo Bank offers its clients access to the wholesale market through Energy CFDs via the SaxoTraderGo platform.


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Role of PZEM

PZEM Energy has a cooperation agreement with Saxo Bank.  We play the role of market maker on its trading platform, providing a more fluid market to more companies.  Saxo Bank offers its customers access to the energy wholesale market through EnergyCFDs via the SaxoTraderGo platform.  SaxoEnergy customers can decide which price and at what time they buy their energy.  This is real transparency in energy markets.

What is a CFD

With CFDs, or Contracts For Difference, you can invest in the performance of a wide range of securities and asset categories such as S & P 500 equity indices and gold commodities.  However, you do not have to actually purchase or own the underlying assets.  Instead, you enter into an agreement with Saxo Bank to use an amount to be determined.  This is known as the margin.  This is intended to cover possible day-to-day losses, while Saxo Bank actually funds the rest of your investment.

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What is SaxoTraderGo

SaxoTraderGO is a prize-winning trading platform from Saxo Bank that gives you the power to trade on the global markets.

With SaxoTraderGO you have access to more than 30,000 negotiable financial instruments.  In addition, it has a comprehensive set of tools and functions for risk management.  It allows you to carry out transactions quickly and intuitively on any PC, tablet or smartphone.

Via the SaxoTraderGO platform the market price for energy is offered through CFDs with the underlying value of products such as power and gas.  A CFD offers access to the wholesale market from 0.1 megawatts.

Which means access to the wholesale market

The energy market consists of the wholesale market and the retail market.

On the wholesale market, producers, traders, energy companies and large-scale industrial consumers buy and sell large volumes of electricity and gas.

What is SaxoEnergy

SaxoEnergy CFD is a Saxo Bank product. Via the SaxoTraderGO platform, the energy market price is offered through CFDs * (Contracts for Difference) with the products power and gas as the underlying value. A CFD provides access to the wholesale market, starting at 0.1 megawatts.

Energy CFDs provide customers with the possibility to manage price risks themselves with regard to physical collection.

Be sufficiently informed in advance by Saxo Bank about the risks of this investment product.

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A physical contract for delivery

Via SaxoTraderGo you have access to the wholesale market and the choice of various financial instruments.  

A supply contract is still required for the actual delivery of energy.  Although you can contact any energy supplier for this, we would be happy to help you further with your supply contract.