PZEM generates electricity, trades energy on the wholesale markets, provides balancing services in power and gas markets, and provides customer solutions to producers and business end users. Our seat is located in Middelburg, the capital of the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. Our portfolio is composed of nuclear, gas-fired, renewable generation capacity and PPAs with producers of different sources of renewable energy. With access to fastcycle gas storage capacity PZEM provides short-term flexibility solutions to gas portfolios. Furthermore we supply energy and energy related products and services to large and medium size customers. As a responsible producer, trader, and supplier of electricity, PZEM contributes to the transition to a sustainable economy. With our highly efficient CCGT power plant, we play a crucial role in providing the necessary flexibility to manage volatile production from renewable energy sources.


Asset Optimisation & Trading is responsible for the P&L of PZEM’s assets within the trade horizon. The department consists of three teams: Asset Optimisation, Trading and Shift Trading. Asset Optimisation is responsible for the Optimisation of PZEM’s asset portfolio, including long-term PPAs, over the lifetime of the underlying contracts. Trading is responsible for hedging PZEM’s long-term, mid-term and day-ahead physical and financial energy exposures. Shift Trading is responsible for optimizing PZEM’s power and gas portfolios in the intraday and imbalance markets. This team is active 24/7. Currently we have a vacancy for a Portfolio Quant within the team of Asset Optimisation. The Portfolio Quant determines, in close cooperation with Trading and Shift Trading, optimal bidding and hedging strategies for the different markets based on the overall portfolio positions taking into account the uncertainty of demand, wind production and flexibility of PZEM’s power plants, with the aim of optimizing and capturing their extrinsic value. These responsibilities require a result-oriented quantitative professional with commercial affinity who can work under pressure to meet deadlines.

Key tasks

  • Developing hedging and bidding strategies.
  • Handling large amounts of data.
  • Forecast and demand modelling.
  • Power plant portfolio optimisation
  • Customer portfolio optimisation.


Strong academic background (MSc or PhD) in a quantitative discipline (e.g. Econometrics, Engineering, Mathematics). A background and/or experience in Operations Research is preferred.

Knowledge, experience and skills in the specialist field

  • Sound knowledge of quantitative methods and techniques and
    econometric/mathematical models.
  • Experience in modelling and solving Mixed Integer Linear Problems is an advantage.
  • Affinity with energy trading and of the relevant (international) markets, market developments and market information.
  • Good programming skills and advanced knowledge of mathematical software. Preferably advanced knowledge of one of the following: Matlab, Python.
  • Knowledge of Azure cloud environment is an advantage

General skills

  • Strong decision making skills along with taking the relevant responsibilities
  • Team player that contributes to building team spirit
  • Able to effectively communicate results to a variety of groups with different backgrounds
  • Creative, innovative and seeking change.
  • Good networking skills

Place of work

Middelburg, the Netherlands. A mix of working from home and from the office is a possibility.

Employee benefits

We offer excellent employee benefits, including discount on health insurance, attractive discounts for staff facilities, a Benefit Budget that lets you decide on the allocation of your benefits yourself, and a competitive salary.

More information

For more information about this position, please send an email to vacatures@pzem.nl with your questions and phone number and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Please send your application (in English) along with your CV to vacatures@pzem.nl. An assessment can be part of the selection procedure.

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