REMIT aims to enhance market transparency.  Information about PZEM assets is provided pursuant to the European Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (EU 1227/2011, as of 28 December 2011).

Important information

Please note that PZEM moved publication of its REMIT transparency messages to the EEX Transparency Platform as of 19 September 2018.

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For more information go to Remit information news message.


Remit Archive

The archive consists of REMIT messages dated before 19 September 2018. From that date, messages are on the EEX Transparency Platform.

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The information on this website is intended to inform third parties including market participants in accordance with REMIT. The information provided in conformity with REMIT, is based on the data available at the time of publication and is provided in a reasonable timely matter, to PZEM best knowledge. PZEM does not represent or warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information in alignment with the factual circumstances considering the timeframe and the shortened manner of publication and accepts no liability of the content should it subsequently be inaccurate.

Third parties including market participants cannot derive any right and/or claim against PZEM from the information provided.

PZEM shall not be liable to third parties including market participants for possible consequences relating to the use of this website and the information contained therein.