What is hourly profile trading?

When hourly profile trading, you buy or sell a volume-neutral profile within the day, month or year. Depending on the expected customer or generation profile, this profile can be fine-tuned. This limits risks and enables sales targets to be met while keeping the financial impact under control.

Hourly profile trading, for whom?

Parties with solar energy exposure
  • More effective management of solar energy exposure.
  • Helps reduce costs associated with solar energy balancing and profiling.
  • Provides diversification in energy portfolios.
Energy Companies
  • Reduces the risk of price fluctuations due to renewable energy sources such as solar.
  • Provides the ability to respond quickly to market changes.
  • Creates new opportunities through fluctuations in energy supply and demand.
Energy resellers
  • Helps cover risks related to solar energy.
  • Allows them to increase their sales and take more risk.
  • Strengthens their position in the energy market.

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Choose PZEM for hourly profile trading

PZEM has a different position from other parties in the market. This is because PZEM has a large installed capacity of flexible production capacity, compared to a relatively limited B2C and solar portfolio. As a result, a good match can often be found with parties that, on the contrary, have a large B2C or solar portfolio. In such a case, the risks can be covered at attractive premiums.

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