Overview energy resources

Below is an overview of PZEM’s energy sources. You can also download the overview here as a pdf via the button below.



The Sloe power plant consists of two identical units, each capable of generating 435 MW. The plant has an efficiency of about 59%. It can meet the daily energy needs of two million households. Thanks to its flexibility – including its short start-up time – it can respond quickly to changing market conditions such as gas prices, renewable energy sources and grid conditions.


PZEM opts for a responsible mix of different energy sources. This includes purchasing sustainable electricity production from a number of large and small wind farms through long-term purchase contracts. PZEM is the buyer of the generated electricity and the green certificates. By entering into long-term contracts with wind farms generating wind energy, for example. The holder of this so-called PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) guarantees purchase of renewable energy and balancing the irregular production of the wind farms.