Place Middelburg
Date 18 Juni 2024


EP NL is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, PZEM Energy Company B.V., in collaboration with ZEH N.V., has signed a strategic contract with Urenco Nederland B.V. for the supply of approximately 175GWh of CO2-free electricity per year. This electricity, is generated by the Borssele nuclear power plant.

Balancing supply and demand

PZEM plays a key role in balancing the electricity demand of Urenco Nederland against the available production of the nuclear power plant. This contract covers the period from 2027 to 2033. As the link between demand and supply, PZEM monitors and continuously balances the energy supply.

Cooperation for a reliable future

This multi-year agreement between PZEM, ZEH and Urenco shows our commitment to the development and implementation of innovative energy solutions with the goal of sustainable, reliable, and efficient energy supply. It illustrates how, by working with reliable partners such as Urenco and ZEH, we strengthen the stability of the electricity grid. Nuclear power provides a baseload output, while our portfolio of assets and trading team can structure flexible energy demand.

This contract allows us to power our site with a clean supply of electricity generated from a Dutch powerplant with an excellent safety and operations record. We are a perfect match for Borssele because we have a stable and continuous demand for energy to run our centrifuges, enabling us to play our part in the production of nuclear fuel. Our collaboration with ZEH and PZEM is an important and very welcome step to reach our goal of net zero by 2040.
Ad Louter Managing Director
We are pleased to enter into this multi-year collaboration with Urenco and PZEM, through which we will deliver CO2-free nuclear power to Urenco via PZEM.
Frank Verhagen ZEH, CEO
This contract demonstrates strong synergies by combining the added value of 3 experienced and professional partners
Niels Unger EP NL, CEO

Over Urenco

Urenco is a global supplier of nuclear fuel enrichment services and fuel cycle products for the civil nuclear industry with sustainability at the core of our operations. Urenco has four uranium enrichment facilities: in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. At our Dutch plant in Almelo, we use the same technology to produce life-saving medical isotopes.
Our goal is to reach net zero overall by 2040, reducing our scope 1 (direct) & 2 (from purchased electricity) emissions in actual terms by 90% by 2030. As part of the scope 2 push in the Netherlands, the site has built two solar panel installations, capable of reducing the site’s peak electricity demands from the grid by up to 15%.

Over ZEH

ZEH, based in Middelburg, manages a stake in the EPZ nuclear power plant in Borssele and markets the output of the nuclear plant, as well as holding interests in the biomass plant BMC Moerdijk and the NPG Willebroek solar park. ZEH is a public limited company, with the Province of Zeeland owning half of the shares and the rest almost entirely owned by the various municipalities in Zeeland.


Over PZEM en EP NL

PZEM Energy Company B.V is a subsidiary of EP NL, which, in its turn is a subsidiary of the EPH Group. EP NL is a key player in the Dutch energy market with installed capacity of 2.6 GW and a 1.5 GW portfolio of power purchase agreement. We focus on electricity generation, trading and the supply of energy and solutions for businesses. Our efficient and flexible power plants ensure a stable and controllable electricity supply for the Netherlands. We integrate renewable energy sources and provide required flexibility to the electricity market. EP NL is committed to a reliable, sustainable energy future and efficient energy supply for the Netherlands. We actively shape the energy landscape by providing efficient solutions today and investing in innovative technologies for the future.

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