How does a VPP work?

A Virtual Power Plant, gives you the power to manage part of a power plant. This means that, with our VPP service, you gain indirect control over part of our energy resources. This includes, for example, our flexible, gas-fired power plants. These power plants can be started up or shut down quickly, making them ideal for absorbing fluctuations in production from renewable energy sources.

VPP, for whom?

Producers with wind and solar capacity
  • Reduction of profile and imbalance costs
  • Mitigation of financial risks due to erratic production patterns
  • Mitigating of risks through deployment of VPP
Energy traders
  • Capitalising on opportunities due to volatility in forward and spot markets
  • Maximising value creation from flexible assets with VPP
  • Contribution to profitability objectives through effective use of VPP
  • Management of unpredictable off-take profiles through integration of wind and solar generation
  • Mitigation of market risks thanks to VPP

Why a VPP via PZEM?

Our approach to Virtual Power Plants matches your specific needs. Depending on your objectives and preferences, we offer solutions that match various markets in which the Virtual Power Plant may operate (such as the day ahead or intra-day market), as well as the flexibility required (baseload, peak/valley hours, multiple periods per day, or even hourly optimisation). Our deep experience in the field of VPPs allows us to efficiently conclude an agreement, with a smooth nomination and billing process.

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