What is a battery?

A battery stores energy and converts it into electrical energy. Batteries can help meet peaks and troughs in electricity demand, making the power grid more stable. Batteries come in different sizes and capacities, from small cells in electronic devices to large energy storage systems that support businesses and keep energy supplies stable.

Battery solutions, for whom?

Developers and investors in a battery
  • Financial return: potential for high returns on battery investments
  • Sustainable investment: contributing to the transition to renewable energy
  • Risk diversification: energy storage can be a diversification element in an investment portfolio
  • Subsidy and tax benefits: opportunity to benefit from government incentives for renewable energy projects
Companies with available space for battery
  • Space utilisation: utilising unused space to generate additional revenue
  • Energy cost savings: reducing energy costs by using stored energy
  • Energy independence: reduced dependence on the grid, especially during peak hours or outages
  • Sustainable image: enhancing the company’s sustainable image
Tenants or leasers of a battery
  • Access to Advanced Technology: take advantage of the latest battery technologies without direct purchase
  • Flexibility: ability to respond quickly to energy needs and price fluctuations
  • No Large Investment Required: access to battery storage without the need for a large upfront investment
  • Risk reduction: reduction of financial risk, as maintenance and upgrades are often provided by the lessor


PZEM distinguishes itself in the energy market by optimally deploying batteries for maximum returns. PZEM owns a 24/7 short-term trading department and an analyst team, who determine the best use of batteries on a daily basis, focused on the Dutch short-term market. With our constant focus on the Dutch short-term market, we quickly identify daily opportunities and make adjustments accordingly. Determining optimal charging strategies is customized, where we consider technical capabilities as well as the specific installation and geographical location of the batteries. In addition, PZEM provides detailed reports for a transparent overview of earnings and investment evaluations, such as payback periods and efficiency losses. Our advanced IT solutions also enable us to deploy batteries to prevent capacity and local congestion problems.

The Battery - Energy Storage

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  • What is congestion?

    To become more sustainable, many companies have begun to electrify their processes, this creates capacity problems in the power grid, often referred to as congestion. Effective methods of energy storage and flexible adjustments to generation are crucial to reducing congestion and ensuring a reliable energy supply. These approaches are necessary not only for the current grid, but also for the future stability and sustainability of the power grid.