We are excited to announce that Jorim de Boks, Manager of Analytics at PZEM, will be a speaker at the Electricity Price Forecasting & Advanced Modelling Conferencet 2024 taking place on the 19th and 20th of June in Amsterdam.


The event on 12th Annual Electricity Price Forecasting & Advanced Modelling Conference 2024 will bring together decision-makers from the European power generation and energy trading companies, energy utilities, and electricity TSOs/DSOs, to discuss the latest developments in the European Power Market, including price forecasting and modelling, day-ahead and intraday forecasting, price modelling, and long-term price analysis.

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Asset Optimization & Trading

Consisting of 3 sub teams: Asset Optimization, Trading and Shift Trading

Asset Optimization creates value to our portfolio by optimizing contracts. Predictions of customer demand, wind and solar production, are used as input for the daily optimization of our portfolio. In addition, they also manage the contracts that PZEM has with the assets. This involves, amongst others, analyzing investments, optimizations, and maintenance plans.
Analytics consists of professional analysts working together to arrive at value-creating solutions. In the business energy market, the analytics department plays a crucial role in optimising business processes and managing assets, especially given the complexity and scale of today's energy infrastructures.
Shift Trading is responsible for optimizing the electricity and gas portfolio in the short-term intraday and imbalance markets. Shift Trading balances this portfolio continuously and 24/7. This is done by trading on the trading market or by increasing or decreasing an asset. Trading is responsible for hedging and optimizing the portfolio through long-term contract trading, within the established risk limits and according to approved lock-in strategies. The focus is on gas, electricity and CO2, which are hedged to cover the portfolio. This includes hedging the B2B portfolio.

Jorim de Boks - Manager Analytics at PZEM

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